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Hohoho... [20th of November, 2006]
I bought a new Gap tote that was sooooooooooo cheap, and a Gap top as well. Well, that tote is meant for ballet classes cos' it's so bloodu spacious. And that gives me another reason to get another bag. And that Old Navy wallet that just arrived seemed more like it suits mum. So i'll give it to her, and that gives me another reason to buy another wallet! Hohoho...

For now, i'll do a vanishing act.

FInd me if you can!

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IT'S OFFICIALLY OVER! [19th of November, 2006]

It's finally over! Science MCQ was good. Hoho... I'm off to do loads of shopping and have lotsa fun!!! And watch FL too... *teehee*
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So close to the end of it all! [18th of November, 2006]
Woohoooo! 1 more paper left! Yeah baby! But... The History paper was a total bummer. And i must say it again. IT'S THE MOST FUCKING DIFFICULT AND SUCKIEST PAPER I'VE EVER DONE! Nuff' said. And it's only because we've been to assuming on our part. And the fucky thing about it all? I had kinda like a premonition the day before that the questions that come out from each theme would be the ones that were our achilles heel. Damn. It was so bloody true. Mao Zedong's Great Leap Forward came out for SBQ. And there were only 3 FUCKING SOURCES. Shit. And i'm clueless about this chapter, cos' i really do hate China history and that tyranny. How to do with only 3 sources? And when the 1st question is already on reliability? Meh. Then the essay questions did indeed fulfil the pattern of having all 3 themes come out. 1st essay question is on reason for formation of League of Nations, and a DYA question on whether the Treaty of Versailles was a failure. 2nd was about United Nations and post WW2 peace settlements. The 3rd is on cold war, Berlin Blockade and stuff. An idiot can guess what most of us, and I, did. the 1st one. Duh. The 3rd one on cold war is shitty cos' we were terribly clueless about it. The 2nd one was too, cos' the chapter on it never did come out for the past 4 years. So it was the 1st for us. ANd like why the hell was LON formed? I didn't see that coming. And whether TOV was a failure? That i know, but what the fuck is its success? And hell, my contextual knowledge for SBQ was like zero. *points middle finger*

My bad. Mrs Tang did her part, and everything she could do. So it was no fault of hers whatsoever. I guess it was fortunate that she's in India now, so that she cannot witness the disappointment on our faces. It was terrible. Seriously.

But well, it's all over now! So i can't care less. No point crying over spilt milk.
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*aargh* [15th of November, 2006]
Shitting my guts out. Had diarrhea 2 times already and my ass is hurting. I woke up at 7 in the morning cos my ankle was hurting like crap. It's my achilles tendon again. Hurts so much till i couldn't move it. Flexing or pointing a little also cannot. Cannot tahan, so woke up to put Salonpas on my ankle bone. Havne;t used them in ages, but i was despo liao. Then went back to sleep. It felt much better when i woke up, but i still cannot point my feet. Sian...

Feeling lazy again. Procrastinating.... Have history paper on friday, but sigh. Feeling so lazy. Fifi has her last day tomorrow. Sigh. SO envious... I have my confirmation interview later at 7+. So nervous... Hope i'll get Brother E... I decided that i'll wear that grey wrap dress that i got from Malacca for Confirmation, and not the new LBD. That grey dress is simply lovely, but i seriously need to go get myself a white spag top to wear under it. Yah...

And yes. Dad agreed to gimme lotsa dough for being 3rd in class. How does 300 bucks sound? It's music to my ears. Hohoho... Lovin' it!
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He's cute. So what? [14th of November, 2006]
I'm being lazy again. I suddenly felt the urge to watch my ABT's Le Corsaire DVD. I noticed something weird. Quite a few veteran dancers were dancing lead roles or solo roles. Vladimir Malakhov, Julie Kent, Ethan Stiefel, and the younger ones like Gillian Murphy, Angel Corella and Paloma Herrera. Now... Julie Kent and Ethan Stiefel are ultimately the ones as principal, and Angel is just dancing slave to Ethan. But... In Act 2, in the famous pas de trois/deux, i think Angel got more applause and cheers than Ethan and Julie can get together. Heck? He's cute, so what? I don't think his dancing is any better than Ethan and Malakhov. Just because he is young and cute does not make him a better dancer yah? He's good of course, but the audience should at least show due respect to dancers like Malakhov. Malakhov can be compared to the likes of Baryshnikhov and Nureyev. After the whole pas de trois/deux, the Ethan, Julie and Angel got a standing ovation. And i can bet you on my life that it's only because Angel was dancing in it. Damn.

Look at the difference between the 3 male dancers, and it's no wonder Angel got more applause and cheers.




So yups. Can you see why Angel could garner more support and applause? For the simple reason that he's cute. Damn. That's so unfair. Malakhov and Ethan are much better dancers than him lor.
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Woe to me... [13th of November, 2006]
I've overspent big time. I ordered stuff from ULTA, initially intending to get some make up from there cos' it's dirt cheap. But after thinking hard, i decided against it and ordered something from Neutrogena instead. It's to tackle my zits. And then, i just ordered some OPI polishes online. 3 for myself, and one each for Mela and Fifi to be put into their Christmas present. And that's about another 30 bucks. And i got that Loreal lippie yesterdy. So the 90 bucks i had to spend is now left with meer 16 bucks. How sad can that get? I wonder if i'll ever be able to go shopping once my Os are over. I guess i must be more thick skinned to get $$$ from mum and dad to go shop. But i won't spend unnecessarily. I know the importance of having money when i need it. So that i won't miss out on a pretty bag, or limited edition stuff, when the season is changing. Lol.

Another thing. NEVER EVER USE STRONG CLEANSERS ON YOUR SKIN! And that means those cleansers like Clearasil, Oxy etc, that states that it aims to clear pimples, shouldn't be used on skin that is NOT oily. I got Clearasil Ultra to use on my problematic forehead to clear it of its zits. But i also decided to use it on my chin and above my upper lip, cos' pimples are popping out there frequently too. So i used it twice a day. And look at what happened. The area aaround my mouth, my chin and below my nose, are as parched and dry as Kalahari Desert!!!! GRRRRR! *arbish* The whole area is like stiff cos' it's so dry. DAMN!!! Cannot tahan. Slap on moisturiser and using those hydrating stuff also cannot! What the fuck? It's been like how many days already? Shit. How now? I haven't had the foggiest idea. So the conculson is, never ever use such strong stuff on parts of your face that is not oily. My forehead is quite ok. But man. You'll never want to suffer the same fate as me. It's horrible. It better get better by Friday, or else...

Will be starting on History tomorrow!
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Cool new buys! [12th of November, 2006]
Went to church. Had confirmation rites. Confirmation interview on Wednesday. Please let me have Borther Emmanuel!!! PLEASE!!!

Went to West Mall with Mum and Sam. Haven't gone there since donkey years. Mum spent a lot of $$$ on us. Heh. She got me a pretty LBD from Series. And wow. Series has cool dresses. About 60 bucks. It's just a plain and simple tube dress so that i can wear it for my Confirmation. But i'll have to wear a bolero over it. Too revealing. Mum still say i can wear it for prom. Yikes! No way! Haha. Then she got us a Philips epilator. I've been lemming for one. You know lar. I like hairy monkey liddat. Lol. She also paid for a Fasio gift set for us that has mascara, blush , lippie etc. So cheap lor. Yah. And i got the limited edition Loreal lippie that has the name of those stars on the casing. I bought the color that Aishwarya Rai endorses. UBER COOL AND PRETTY!!! I can't get enough of them. I'm gonna buy more!!! Only 17.90! Hoho. But i paid for it myself.

I think that's about all we bought? Dunno lar. I only know Mum spent like over 200 bucks. That's kinda scary. Hehe... But i think i'm going broke soon. Still got some $. But if i keep buying what i like before next monday, man, i'll be a goner. But no worries! Dad is coming back! And he owes me some $$$ for being 3rd in class! Hohohoho...
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Dampened spirits *sigh* [11th of November, 2006]
Ballet class on friday was ok. Tischa taught us instead of Ping cos' she had to take Mr F's coaching classes as he wasn't free. And oh boy. Having someone who's more than qualified to teach us is really just. Depressing? She's already completed Solo Seal lar. Pro man. I don't know anyone as of yet, other than her, who's gotten Solo Seal. Even Ping is not near there. So when she demonstrated developpes and quick tendus, our breaths were taken away. Seriously.

She rocks lor. She taught us a very small part of the Princess Florine variation which she did with Dandy 2 years back. And i so like Princess Florine, also because it's part of my favourite ballet- SB. Yups. So it was pose arabesque fouette, then 2 emboites.I love emboites, but i suck at them. I look at the Kirov ballerinas, and their's are like so NICE. Mine's like SHIT. Yups. And Ping told Tischa to work on our turns. Damn. I still can't get my doubles. All the teachers i know push me for doubles. They say me turns are nice, or that i'm right in my centre, but heck. I wish i was really how they decribe it. Those doubles don't come during classes man. I can't spot for nuts in class too. And it turns out, i'm the only one who can't really manage doubles, though i ocassionally get them. What a big bummer. BUT... Heh. I'm glad my practicing grand jetes at home did help. Tischa got us to do chasse pas de bouree grand jete. It's the one i was doing at home cos' i saw it in Paquita, and it was so lovely. Lol. And at least my grand jetes are quite decent, to make up for my lousy turns. But ssems like my short achilles tendons don't work for me in grand jetes. I can't land softly, nor land properly cos the impact is quite hard for such a bug jump. Meh. That sucks.

Then today, i went for grade 6 class, aching quite a bit. Went there feeling afraid i can't catch up with the rest, cos' the gals were supposedly good after a year doing the syllabus. Quick barrework. Ms Elaine told me my petit pas de bouree pique were a tad slow. There it is again. As what Ping has said, i'm more of an adage person that a allegro person. I had trouble doing quick poses de cote, so it's not wonder my pas de bouree piques are not sharp enough. Centre was really damn tiring ok... Only because we had to polish up some exercises. I was fine with most, though i was struggling a little to pick up some stuff. But the petit allegro and pas de bouree exercises were the worse. I realised that grade 6 damn hard core on pas de bouree pique lah. Like there are tons of them. I think i picked up most of the stuff, but the problem lies with remembering it.

I asked Ms Elaine after class if i could join the class for coaching, and whether she'd assess me to see if i can go for the exam. But boy. I was so wrong. Mr F has already said no to Audrey. Cos' we are just rejoing 6 months before the exam, and moreover, the names have already been submitted to RAD. So yup. Studio policy doesn't allow me to take the exam, just because i put grade 6 on hold because of my exam. Coming to think of it, i'm damn stoopid. I should've given up on Intermediate class this year to do grade 6. Cos' i'll be doing the exam next year early. I mean, whether i do Inter or not doesn't matter, cos' we aren't doing syllabus yet. Sigh. So it's been a futile year. No exam this year, nor grade 6 exam next year. Blame it on myself not being forward-looking. My bad. To think i was thinking of getting character shoes right after my exam. Meh. But i'm consoled at the fact that i'm denied of exam not because of my technique. Good.

So what i can do now, is just to wear on my expression in grade 6 class. And hopefully, when Mr F does come to take a look, he'll be comvinced to send me for exam. But that's just my wishful thinking i guess. Unless i'm really darn good, which i think i'm NOT. Yeah. Disappointed. But i'll get over it. I'll just work my butt off for Inter then.
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2 more left!!! [11th of November, 2006]
Yeah! TGIF! Can't believe i pulled through this week. Heh. But i already started to 'lou you' already. But i'm glad my my geog paper and maths paper were afternoon papers, which left me with a lot of time to catch up with my sleep.

So i thought the geog and maths paper were ok. Well, maybe not for geog. As usual, i did last minute mugging, but that's how it's for humantities. For me, that is. I really wanted to shoot myself for geog man... Like how can i mix up east and west? And how could have mistaken the ratio of 1:25 000 as cm to m? 0_0" STOOPID. Then for section B, the choice questions were ok. But i didn't study development cos' it's really hard if the question is really jia lad. So i studied tourism and environment. I could do both. But i had a problem. The 12m part of tourism was something lame. What in reality, we were taught, could only gt us a mere 4-6 marks. So we really had to crack our brains to think of more, which is sucky. But i think i secured at least the other 13m. So maybe i can get 19 or so for that question. If i did enviroment, i could've secured at least 17m. Cos' i couldn't do the 8m part. I thought i was really an idiot for sabotaging myself. But mum consoled me by saying if my 12m question was good, i could've gotten even 20m or so. That's a relief, yeah? Maths P2 was ok, i guess. Shan't say it's easy, cos' once again, i still can't answer some questions. Well, only 1 in fact, which is about priving congruency and blah... Just couldn't think of anything.But i know i secured at least like erm 2 or 3 marks for it. I received enlightenment on a heavily-weighed question about trigo, like in the last 10 minutes. Damn heng man. And i chose cumulative frequency for section B. Afraid i couldn't do quadratic graph. Though i know i can, i lack the experience, even if mum had already taught me. So yups. But damn weird le, the curve not smooth one. There are 2 points which don't fit in the curve perfectly, which made me worry like mad. I checked my values like a thousand times, but they're are correct. So i guess, maybe it's just the questions. Dunno lar. *shrugs*

I'm left with 2 more papers, which are modern world history and science mcq. I have to mug damn hard for them man, cos' they are my only papers which i can score and pull up my other marks. Yeah. But for now? Hehe. SLACK!!! Hoho... Will start studying on tuesday.

I'm so nervous about my confirmation interview next week! Damn! I scared later see Father Yeo or Father Tung, i'll be rendered speechless! Confirm die one lor!
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7 down, 4 to go! [8th of November, 2006]
Oh wow. Haven't blogged for quite a while. Cos' i didn't have time to do so. Had to pia for everything. Last 3 days quite intensive. Well, not so... I guess i was really doing last-minute rush for everything. And i have to say that i took a big risk for SS paper. A very big one. I did maths for most of sunday. Had to study SS too. But i was feeling lazy, and gave myself an excuse that i have 4 hours to study to on Monday after Maths P1. So i did it, and managed to study everything that i had spotted. In the end i was able to do 2 questions, cos' the other one was one that i didn't prepare to do at all. Yah. But i must say that the O papers are generally not harder than any of the papers i have done in my school's exams.

I won't say i have confidence for all papers, cos' i know once i say that, my results will be damn lousy. Like what happened during PSLE. So yups. I won't say they are easy too, cos' i will get very losuy marks then as well. But i must say they are fairly easy, but sometimes tricky. Like heck. The SS essay question on merger and seperation. Damn. Like my (b) part was different from everyone cos' i had i different perspective of what it was. And got stamps psted on my eyes cos' i read Source E wrongly, and in the end, my SBQ (b) did wrong'y. But heng it's usefulness and it was in step 2. So maybe still can get 3 marks. Sigh.... And my similarity was damn stoopid also lar. so how? Must do damn well for geog tomorrow. I WANT AN A1 FOR COMBINED HUMANITIES!!! How can history student not do well in humans eh? Shit man. then maths paper 1 was ok. better than the stupid prelim paper. I think i really got stamps on my eyes cos' i was also unable to see the properties of the circle. So i lost 3 marks on that. Oh man. Hope paper 2 wouldn't be hard. Yesterday's chem was better than expected. i expected it to be damn hard, but many topics were missed out. Like redox reactions, fuels. Yeah. My only regret was doing the rate of reaction question wrongly. Today's physics paper was ok too. But heck. I couldn't do some questions on moment. Wth. They tested us on megahertz. Like how the hell would i know how much is that? I know kilohertz. But sigh. I realised after the exam that i had to multiply the number by 1000000. Yeah. And some questions were weird and not specific. and for some answers, i only know half of it. Lol. Like the one on fuses. Damn! But ok lar. I can't say i'll get an A for Science. But at least i know i'll pass.

English. FUCK. Damn. Hui, i should have made you my tuition teacher. Ca i just say that i hae flunked the paper? No one believes me, but i'm pretty sure i'd get at most a C. Why? Cos' my narratove essay was fucking SHIT and RUBBISH. I wrote on the one word title Dreams. I think this word is ominous for me. I did it for my MYE and got my record low marks of 17/30. But this time i wrote a story instead of being philosophical. But why... My storyline was CRAP! Sigh sigh sigh. *bang*  So i cried after the paper, when it dawned upon me that i was gonna flunk it. I have never cried after a paper before. And it's only because the A or at least a B3 that i had to get, was gonna fly away... So if i get a B4 or worse, you'll see my face in the obituaries. Damn. But the compre was ok. Hope i did exceptionally well in it to bring up my paper 1 scores...

I'm now left with geog, maths P2, modern world history and science mcq... And i have to go for my confirmation interview and go through the rites of confirmation within the next 2 weeks, and i'm bloody scared that i can't be confirmed after 10 years of catechism classes....

And like the freaking new IE is so damn bloody lame and frustrating! It has a mind of it s own, and when i use the mouse's scrolling wheel to scroll down a page, it scrolls itself automaticall. And here i man screaming at it to stop. Well, i'm losing my sanity and sleep. I can't fall asleep these days for nuts. Someone pass me the pills please!
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